Thursday, August 11, 2011

wrap up

and so it comes to an end. more than 30 villages visited, across six states. hundreds of hours driving through india's remote plains, rolling hills, and majestic mountains. wading through torrential rains and and breathing in blazing dry heat. inspiring visits with CEOs, staff, and volunteers from companies and organizations in delhi, calcutta, mumbai, bangalore, and hyderabad. dozens and dozens cups of chai.

the presentation below relates key trends in india's small-scale solar lighting market that i identified through my company case studies, field visits, interviews, and literary research. some of these themes I have written on in more depth in previous posts -- others are new ideas that i haven't touched on yet.

i've put the presentation directly into this post, but a complete copy of the powerpoint can also be downloaded here (just click on this link). comments, corrections, thoughts, advice, questions are all welcome -- either right here on the blog or to

thank you for following me through this incredible adventure.